Welcome to our website hope you will find the information you are looking for. Besides offering a vast directory of businesses we also like to share the lattes information from the business world and share some fun and new ideas with you.

We believe in creating a community of well-connected business owners and in linking them to the world of consumer’s people who might have an interest in your line of work. This is why we have a team of people on hand that always look for new ways to come to terms with the modern market and to share the information with you.

Our Services

Besides holding a directory of businesses we have expanded our services to a couple of other things that we think every business owner will need in order to plan the trajectory of their company and to have a good feel of the market trends that are present.

Business Planning

We are a team of experts on hand that are willing to help you develop a good and effective business plan for your idea.  

Market Evaluation

The modern global market is a fast-changing system that needs constant monitoring to be understood, that’s why we think it is important for you to get all the information right and to know what to expect.


There are many questions a new business owner has and we have the capacities to give the answers and help you with your planning.

Why Choose Us

The world of business is a highly competitive community of entrepreneurs, skilled workers and economic experts that work on enhancing their monetary gain. This is why a young business owner, no matter the size of the business, could have a problem with getting and using all the information that is necessary for the business to thrive.

This is where we come in and our team of dedicated business consultants that are on offer to almost any type of business owner and developer. We strive towards creating a community of people that will compete to make their work better for everyone else. This is why we are your best choice.

About Us

This is a website for business owners and anybody else who wants to get in touch with the different companies that are out there on the market. We hold directories for businesses you can check at will this is an excellent way for you to get in touch with the world of business. Our company believes in sharing information and in creating a community of business owners that will make jour job easier and get you the information you want fast. Our head office is situated in Columbus Ohio and we offer our services every day of the week.

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